Another action-packed lap around the sun!

Another action-packed lap around the sun!
October 12, 2022 g-oz

Today we celebrate our 15th birthday.

Happy Birthday Girls from Oz!

Since 2010, 105 amazing Instructors have helped us run 117 week-long Community Programs, engaging more than 4000 girls in five communities.

We’ve taken 186 girls on 13 Travel Programs to five capital cities, where they’ve sung with members of the Australian Girls Choir in front of audiences of thousands. And since 2007, our community has raised over $1,000,000 to support us in contributing to improving education and employment outcomes for young women in some of Australia’s most vulnerable communities.

We have come so far in our short time and we are looking forward to sharing many more years working with young girls in community. Some projects on our radar include a leadership development program, a language project involving translation and transcribing songs in traditional language, a reverse Travel Program where AGC girls visit their g-oz sisters in community and a First Nations traineeship program.