Contributing to the community’s long-term goals

Bidyadanga is located on the Kimberley coast in Western Australia, between the ocean and the desert. It sits 1590 kilometres northeast of Perth, and a 2-hour drive south from Broome. The community has a population of approximately 800 people, 89.9% of whom are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and is home to the Karajarri, Juwalinny, Mangala, Nyungamarta and Yulpartja language groups.

Supporting the growth of a third community in the Kimberley

After consultation with the Western Australian Education Department, we connected with La Grange Remote Community School, the largest Remote Community School in Western Australia and ran our first pilot program in the second half of 2022.

By commencing a relationship with this community we are contributing to positive lifestyle options and supporting young girls who are most vulnerable to the long term effects on their career prospects and future economic security. Our aim is to watch these girls grow into confident, resilient, empowered young women ready to take on the world.

La Grange Remote Community School

La Grange Remote Community School caters to the educational needs of all school aged children in the Bidyadanga community and classes range from Pre Kindy (2 and 3 year olds) up to Year 12. In addition to a strong commitment to developing the literacy and numeracy skills of its students, the school offers a diverse range of specialist programs across all year levels including music, art, physical education and information technology.

If we enable the conditions for students in the most remote parts of Australia to explore their artistic passions, then we enable them to continue to explore who they are and who they want to be; strong, passionate people who know their power.”

– Dan Walker, Principal – La Grange Remote Area School