Planned Giving

g-oz recently established a Planned Giving Program

Planned Giving supports the future of Girls from Oz, helping us to deliver quality Performing Arts experiences to young women who would otherwise miss out on this opportunity.

By remembering Girls from Oz in your will, you give the gift of positive, inspiring experience and opportunity to girls and generations to come. Your legacy will make an important contribution to young women in remote communities across Australia. Each legacy, whatever size or shape, makes a lasting impact and is generously and thankfully received.

If we’re not investing in the early years, we see massive social problems down the track because it means
our children start with a gap.”

Catherine Liddle, CEO of SNAICC and g-oz Board member

Many Indigenous children are disengaged at school and disaffected from the education system as evidenced by low attendance rates and high dropout rates before completion of year 12. Not only do Indigenous students obtain lower levels of academic achievement, but they are less informed about higher education opportunities than non-Indigenous students.

Your legacy will provide increased opportunities, through Performing Arts education, for young female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to access quality programs aimed at closing the gap between Indigenous and other Australians across key social indicators such as education and employment.

Individual Success story:
Jahn-Edda Petrevski, Halls Creek 

  • Jahn-Edda started with g-oz in primary school
  • She went on to travel on two Programs; Perth in 2017 and Sydney in 2019, where she spoke on the Opera House stage at the Australian Girls Choir Sydney Annual Concert
  • Jahn-Edda was crowned Kimberley Girl 2022, which sees her supporting young women across the Halls Creek region for 2023


Types of Gifts

Whole or part of your estate – You can leave your entire estate or any part of your estate to Girls from Oz.

A residual gift – A residual gift means once all specific gifts are distributed and your debts are paid, the remainder (or a proportion of the remainder) of your estate will be paid to Girls from Oz. This is a simple way to leave a gift that needn’t interfere with any specific bequests to loved ones. It will also retain its value over time (unlike a specific cash gift that can reduce in value with inflation).

A percentage of your estate – It can be difficult to choose a specific cash amount to leave when you don’t know how much will be in your estate when the time comes. Making your gift a percentage of your estate, or of the residual of your estate, means no matter the value of your final estate, the proportion you intended for Girls from Oz stays the same.

A specific amount – You can leave any identifiable property as a bequest to Girls from Oz. A specific gift may include any sum of money, cash balances in a bank amount, a residential house, commercial real estate or company shares.

An in specie gift – If you’re considering leaving real estate or shares to Girls from Oz, you may wish to consider leaving the gift in specie. This means it may be transferred directly to Girls from Oz and may save your estate paying capital gains tax on the sale of the asset. Seek appropriate legal advice to ensure this is suitable to your circumstance.

We also understand and appreciate that the decision to leave a legacy can be a very personal one.

If you are considering leaving a legacy gift to Girls from Oz, please contact us for a confidential conversation. We’d be happy to discuss ideas to ensure that your support of the importance of education, training and employment for success is continued.

How to inform us of your gift

We would love to know that you have included Girls from Oz in your will. We would like to be able to thank you personally and where possible invite you to attend an intimate Girls from Oz event.

You can inform us that you have a gift in your will here