Girls from Oz Announces New Partnership with AGIG

Girls from Oz Announces New Partnership with AGIG
April 10, 2024 Girls from Oz

Recognising Impactful Community Work

In exciting news, Girls from Oz (g-oz) announces a new partnership with the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG), marking another step forward in our ongoing mission to empower young women through the performing arts.

AGIG employee Peter Napolitano nominated g-oz for a community grant, highlighting the shared values and visions of the two organisations. Peter, a father of daughters deeply involved with our Principal Partner the Australian Girls Choir (AGC), expressed his admiration for the impactful programs delivered by both the AGC and Girls from Oz.

“I’ve watched for many years with sheer joy and amazement on the delivery of so many AGC and Girls from Oz inspirational programs and the positive impact it has on choristers, parents and families.” – Peter Napolitano

The Napolitano family has a significant connection to the AGC and g-oz; Peter and his wife Carrie along with their two daughters, Emily and Gemma served as a host family for two girls during their week-long visit to Melbourne as part of the 2018 Travel Program. Peter and his family’s firsthand experience of g-oz programs and these young girls solidified their belief in our mission and prompted Peter to nominate g-oz for the AGIG community grant.


Peter’s daughter, Gemma Napolitano on the 2023 Captivating Carnarvon Tour

Kelly Rothwell, the Head of Employee Experience at AGIG, has played a pivotal role in facilitating the new partnership. Her dedication to fostering meaningful connections between AGIG and impactful community organisations like g-oz shows AGIG’s commitment to making a positive difference in the communities they serve. AGIG, a leading energy infrastructure business operating across Australia, brings with it a strong commitment to community engagement and support.

AGIG’s alignment with the values and goals of g-oz sets the stage for a partnership focussed on empowering young women through the performing arts.


Clare Wever and Kelly Rothwell at AGIG’s 2024 International Women’s Day Event

International Womens Day

In another notable event, Clare Wever, AGC Alumni, past g-oz Travel Program host and current g-oz Instructor, delivered a powerful speech at AGIG’s International Women’s Day event on Friday March 8.

Clare, speaking on behalf of g-oz, highlighted the transformative impact of engaging in the performing arts, particularly for young women in remote communities. Clare shared her personal journey, emphasising how participation in performing arts activities cultivated confidence, self-esteem, and communication skills from a young age. Drawing from her experiences as both a chorister and an Instructor, Clare shared the importance of providing access to high-quality music education and arts programs to all young people, regardless of their background or location.

Reflecting on Girls from Oz work in remote communities, Clare emphasised the organisation’s role in improving educational and employment outcomes for Indigenous girls and young women. Through dynamic and inclusive performing arts programs, g-oz inspires participants to attend school regularly and become role models in their communities.

“They are then role models for future generations, who see that these strong brave women are just like them, and that they too can be leaders and be proud.” – Clare Wever

Clare’s speech resonated with the audience, highlighting the importance of investing in programs like g-oz to accelerate progress and empower women across generations. Her words served as a reminder of the power of the performing arts in creating opportunities and fostering resilience in young women.

The partnership between g-oz and AGIG, along with Clare’s inspiring address at the International Women’s Day event, marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to uplift and support young women through the performing arts.