Annual Giving Circles campaign raises over double the target amount for Bidyadanga

Annual Giving Circles campaign raises over double the target amount for Bidyadanga
July 6, 2022 g-oz

We recently ran our annual Giving Circles campaign and this year we aimed to raise #50infive to fund a year’s worth of Community Programs with our newest community, Bidyadanga, 180kms south of Broome, in Western Australia.

We have been thrilled by the breadth of contributions this year, from floods of $5 and $10 donations, to those in excess of $10,000.

We’re very pleased to announce our final Bidyadanga and Beyond total is $102,619!

In partnership with La Grange Remote Community School, we are excited to be commencing our Community Program in August and we plan to include some girls from Bidyadanga in our Travel Program to Melbourne in November, the first since 2019.

We look forward to contributing to the Bidyadanga community’s long-term goals and working with them so that we can become a reliable, consistent presence in young girls’ lives, like we are for so many across Australia.

Directors of the Australian School of Performing Arts have contributed $10,000 to the campaign once again, and for the fifth time since 2017 the Sahathevan family in Melbourne have committed to donating proceeds from their Paalam concert.

We ended up with 43 active Giving Circles this year and were delighted to welcome four new Coordinators.

The ongoing success of this campaign continues to impress funders, government bodies and our community stakeholders and prove the sustainability of this funding model.

Year Fundraising aim Fundraising result Number of Giving Circles
2015 $25,000 $36,836 15
2016 $30,000 $47,480 27
2017 $40,000 $51,450 28
2018 $48,000 $59,140 35
2019 $60,000 $61,002 25
2020 $20,000 $66,062 31
2021 $50,000 $99,128 39
2022 $50,000 $102,619 43

It’s an excellent outcome, and it bodes extremely well for the future.