Tropi-‘COOL and confident’ girls dazzle in Carnarvon festival performance

Tropi-‘COOL and confident’ girls dazzle in Carnarvon festival performance
September 11, 2018 Girls Oz

On Sunday September 2 approximately 35 g-oz participants from Carnarvon Community College came together to perform at the Tropicool Festival. Throughout our g-oz sessions during the week, we worked on 2 songs and a dance to perform at the festival.

On Friday, these girls were asked to perform at the Primary School assembly. This was an excellent opportunity to practise in front of an audience in preparation for Tropicool, and I was lucky enough to be able to lead the girls in this performance. Throughout their assembly performance the girls became shy and a lot of girls stopped singing. We had a rehearsal after the assembly and spoke about stage fright, “shame” and working together as a team.

When we first arrived at the festival on Sunday, there were only a handful of girls there ready to perform. I started to get a bit worried and thought some girls might not feel comfortable and confident to sing in front of a bigger audience. However, as time progressed more and more girls arrived – ready to go! We warmed up our voices, spoke about singing and performing confidently and how to move on and off stage quickly and quietly.

I was so proud and blown away with what the girls achieved at the Tropicool Festival. Every girl sang confidently, danced with energy and enthusiasm and conducted herself like a professional. It was such an incredible moment to share with these girls and I am thankful I was able to lead the performance and see what these girls achieved in only 5 sessions. After our performance, the girls were on a high and were desperate to show us around the festival. This was a great end to a very successful day. Big congratulations to all the girls involved, you were incredible and were supportive of everyone. Well done!

By Maddie Rodgers, g-oz Instructor, Carnarvon August 2018