Puuya Foundation Executive Director Kirsty Davis joins Girls from Oz Board

Puuya Foundation Executive Director Kirsty Davis joins Girls from Oz Board
August 2, 2022 g-oz

Girls from Oz is delighted to announce the appointment of Kirsty Davis, Executive Director of the Puuya Foundation in Lockhart River, to our Board of Directors.

Kirsty is an Indigenous executive with more than 25 years’ experience driving the strategic delivery of projects, co-design of reform agendas and organisational and business growth.

Kirsty has an extensive network that spans local, regional and national levels and includes community, corporate, and philanthropic connections. Kirsty is of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait heritage and grew up on the traditional lands of the Gimuy people.

The relationships held across the Cape York and Torres Strait region are testament to Kirsty’s commitment to the empowerment of future generations of First Nations people. Passionate about elevating community’s vision to create opportunities for our next generation of leaders, she has built nationally recognised programs and strategies within the Indigenous affairs sector.

Kirsty has held senior management positions with Cape York Land Council, private sector, Jawun Indigenous Corporate Partnerships and since 2010 has led the growth of programs as the CEO of the Puuya Foundation in Lockhart River.

In August, Kirsty stepped into the role of CEO of the Cape York Institute for Policy, Leadership and Innovation, Australia’s leading Indigenous think tank.

Kirsty currently sits as the Executive Director of the Puuya Foundation, a Management Committee member of Torres Strait Kaziw Meta Boarding College and is excited to join the Board of Girls from Oz after being part of the program delivery in Lockhart River via the Puuya Foundation.

Puuya Foundation is a proud Community Partner of g-oz, first partnering in 2015 to deliver a week of Performing Arts workshops. It took only a short time to realise that Girls from Oz and the Puuya Foundation were very well aligned and we still continue the successful partnership today.

Kirsty says “Having lived in a remote Indigenous community, I witnessed the joy, confidence and trust that can be built through song and dance when the g-oz team visited Lockhart River.  Creativity is an avenue to escape, dream and build for the future and I am so excited to be part of the team building the footprint of the Girls from Oz team across our communities and into the hearts of our children.”