How awesome is Lockhart River?!

How awesome is Lockhart River?!
June 3, 2019 Girls Oz

The easy-going, warm nature of the community of Lockhart River is just the tip of the iceberg. The second that we stepped foot into the school, giggling kids came racing up to us, bubbling with excitement and overflowing enthusiasm!

The entire community welcomed us with waves and smiles, and we could immediately feel what an exciting week lay ahead. Even the youngest of students at Lockhart State School shared this energy and confidence!

It was especially wonderful to see such young kids diving head first into activities, whether it be singing their names, dancing, or taking a trip on ‘Highway Number 1’ (which quickly became the favourite for many)!

It was encouraging to see the hardworking teachers and the passion they have for their work, and even more inspiring to work with the resilient, confident senior girls. In just one week they showed us how ambitious, talented, compassionate and courageous they are, and what fantastic role models they are for the younger girls in the community.

Although Lockhart River is small and relatively unknown among city dwellers, the town’s nature and people exude enough love, joy and beauty to share with the whole of Australia. I absolutely can’t wait to return!

By Isy Bales, g-oz Instructor, Lockhart River May 2019