Term 3 Community Program reflections – Carnarvon

Term 3 Community Program reflections – Carnarvon
October 12, 2022 g-oz

Term 3 saw eleven wonderful Instructors complete five Community Programs.

We had four Instructors visiting community for the first time and we were welcomed with open arms in our newest community, Bidyadanga.

It was our 50th week of delivering successful, supporting and engaging programs to the community of Halls Creek, while we made our 25th trip to Lockhart River, our 37th to Carnarvon and our fifth to Kowanyama!

We reached 280 kids across the five trips and we spoke to some of our Instructors about their experience over the week.

Read along from each of our Instructors and hear first-hand of the recurring themes of growth, engagement and confidence building.

Coming out of their shells in Carnarvon

In May and August of 2022 I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Carnarvon; a coastal town located north of Perth, Western Australia. Aside from enjoying the warm weather and of course leaving with some sunburn… The other Instructors and I spent a week at Carnarvon Community College.

Using our knowledge of performing arts including elements of song, dance and drama, we spent the week educating and inspiring the young women of this school.

Through the engagement and participation of our week-long community program, you couldn’t help but notice the difference in the girls’ confidence, self-esteem and communication skills.

On the first day of our recent program held in August, I was up the front ready and eager to teach the girls their dance routine we would be working on for the week. I asked them all to spread out and to find some space so they could see me and follow along.

I was greeted with mumbling and shuffling to the back of the room, embarrassed to step forward and try something new.

By the end of the week as soon as we put the music on, you could see the confidence in the girls. They would stand taller, lift their chins and take that big step to the front of the room, proud to be there and proud to be surrounded by their peers having fun.

I will never forget the words one Girls from Oz participant told me at the end of the week. ‘When I grow up I want to be like you and teach the g-oz songs and dances. Show everyone that I’m proud to be me.’” – Hallie Paul (VIC)