g-oz Travel Programs: 100,000 reasons why

g-oz Travel Programs: 100,000 reasons why
June 6, 2023 g-oz

We are very excited to officially launch our Giving Circles campaign for 2023.

Our aim is to raise $100,000 to help fund our two Travel Programs. For context, it costs g-oz $20,000 in direct costs to bring 10 girls from one community to a capital city for a week.

This November, girls from Halls Creek, Carnarvon and Bidyadanga will visit Perth, while girls from Lockhart River and Kowanyama will visit Brisbane for a week of singing, dancing, cross-cultural learning and information on educational and employment pathways and professional role modelling.

The Travel Program celebrates the cultural identity of the girls, while providing vital opportunities for them to learn how to thrive when they are away from home. Since 2010, more than 200 girls have travelled on 18 Travel Programs to five capital cities.

Since 2015, our Giving Circles have raised in excess of $500,000 and we are eternally grateful to our donors who assist us in making educational opportunities available to young girls who would otherwise not have access to high quality performing arts activities.

Last year’s efforts truly blew us away; our aim was to raise $50,000 to fund a full year of programs in our newest community, Bidyadanga, and we raised over $100,000!

This year we hope to:
1. Collect $100,000 by June 30,
2. Increase the number of Giving Circles from 43 to 50, and
3. Increase awareness about our organisation and programs.

Nicole Muir AM says; “We aim to spark imagination in these young women about what they might be when they grow up. In one week they are exposed to an incredible range of people and experiences that we hope will inspire them to remain engaged at school and strive to be successful. These opportunities aren’t available in their home towns and we know the lasting benefits of eye-opening experiences in this impressionable age group.”