Reflecting on past NAIDOC Celebrations

Reflecting on past NAIDOC Celebrations
July 28, 2020 Girls Oz

In 2020, NAIDOC Week that is normally celebrate in July, has been postponed until November.

NAIDOC stands for National Aboriginies and Islanders Day Observance Committee, and is a week that celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Each year a theme is chosen to highlight important issues and achievements of Aboriginal people.

We’re so excited that our trip to Halls Creek later this month will coincide with the school’s NAIDOC celebrations and it’s prompted us to think about the ways we have observed NAIDOC week in the past.

2019: Voice. Treaty. Truth.

The 2019 theme: Voice. Treaty. Truth. invited all Australians to work together for a shared, equal future. Voice, treaty and truth were the three key elements to the reforms proposed in the 2017 Uluru Statement from the Heart. We were proud to support and celebrate this theme, as we remain committed to walking with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters for true reconciliation.

2018: Because of her, we can.

2018 was a particularly special theme for the g-oz community. It celebrated the roles Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have played in their own communities, but also at the local, state and national levels. It also highlighted that historically, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s contributions to sustaining culture have gone unrecognised.

At g-oz, we reflected on the part we play in fostering the confidence in Aboriginal girls and young women to continue the work of the women who went before them. We’re proud of the girls who have created lives that are meaningful to them, and are inspiring the next generation to follow in their footsteps. We wholeheartedly believe that because of our g-oz girls, we can.

2017: Our Languages Matter

The unique and diverse Indigenous Languages were celebrated in NAIDOC week in 2017.

At g-oz, we continue to celebrate all Indigenous languages, and we have done so in community. In Halls Creek, we had a chance to learn and teach a song in the traditional languages Jaru and Kija. Being able to help girls sing in language for their local community is one of the many g-oz highlights. Participating in the performing arts, while also celebrating Indigenous culture is an important and special part of the g-oz program.

We’re looking forward to celebrating this year’s theme Always Was, Always Will be, in November. Until then, we hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!