Help g-oz #find48!

Help g-oz #find48!
April 20, 2018 Girls Oz

We are thrilled to have launched our fourth Giving Circles fundraising campaign on April 1.

In 2018, g-oz aims to raise $48,000 by June 30 with the help of our dynamic and dedicated community.

Giving Circles provide the opportunity for g-oz supporters from all walks of life to reach out to their own personal networks, harnessing the power of collective giving to change the lives of girls and young women living in remote Australian communities.

The beauty of the Giving Circles model is that it encourages individuals to contribute little or large, with the knowledge that all donations layer upon each other to create big change.

This year we are excited to have a record-breaking number of Coordinators leading 40 incredible Giving Circles.

Stay updated as we reach our fundraising milestones by following @girlsfromoz on Instagram and Twitter, or visit our Facebook page.

To contribute to a Giving Circle, visit GiveNow before June 30.