Term 3 Community Program reflections – Halls Creek

Term 3 Community Program reflections – Halls Creek
October 12, 2022 g-oz

Term 3 saw eleven wonderful Instructors complete five Community Programs.

We had four Instructors visiting community for the first time and we were welcomed with open arms in our newest community, Bidyadanga.

It was our 50th week of delivering successful, supporting and engaging programs to the community of Halls Creek, while we made our 25th trip to Lockhart River, our 37th to Carnarvon and our fifth to Kowanyama!

We reached 280 kids across the five trips and we spoke to some of our Instructors about their experience over the week.

Read along from each of our Instructors and hear first-hand of the recurring themes of growth, engagement and confidence building.

A picture of Halls Creek..

“Upon arriving in the hot, dry Kimberley we were ready to embark on our 4 hour drive to Halls Creek across the glistening Ord River, through gorgeous red rock faces, blue skies and sweltering cultural bushfires.

The second we walked through the gates of Halls Creek District High School we were spotted across the school grounds. We were greeted by passionate g-oz girls who came running over to give us the biggest hug – it almost knocked me off my feet!

One of my favourite aspects of the trip is seeing the growth throughout the week. The first day or two the girls are always a little hesitant, with some of them experiencing shame or embarrassment.

By end of the week, the year 3 and 4 girls were standing at the front of the room, teaching the moves with me to the rest of the group! By the end they could do the whole dance on their own and could even teach it as little g-oz Instructors themselves.

Also by the end of the week, the kindy groups and year 1 and 2 classes entered the room so quietly yet excitedly, finding their way into a circle without assistance and even beginning the welcome activity themselves.

It is so gorgeous to see the impact that these small activities have in such a short amount of time and the joy that the students get out of them.

I love that these sessions give the girls, no matter what age, a place where they feel safe and able to take learning into their own hands and have fun with it.

This is by far the most rewarding and inspiring aspect of the trips for me.” – Tiana Russo, VIC